Discover New Orleans


Welcome to New Orleans!

One trip to New Orleans, and you’ll realize this city is unlike any you’ve ever visited. Whether you’re enjoying the nightlife or architecture in the historic French Quarter, visiting the National World War II museum, or taking a ride on the city’s famous streetcar trolley on St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans has something new for you to experience every day. One trip and you’ll realize why locals hold this city so dear to their hearts.

New Orleans is touted as the cultural mecca of the South, boasting over 40 museums, 160 art galleries, a musician-owned symphony, and the oldest Opera House in America. Add to that the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden at the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Smithsonian-affiliated Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and New Orleans continues to offer new world-class attractions and old-world charm.

New Orleans is recognized annually by the top culinary and travel media as one of the top food destinations in the world. There are more than 1,700 restaurants in the city, and many have long, storied pasts. Of particular note, Galatoire’s, the classic traditional Creole landmark in the French Quarter, recently turned 100, along with the Sicilian, Angelo Brocato’s Ice Cream Parlor. They join other historic establishments such as Antoine’s (est. 1840), Tujague’s (est. 1856), Café du Monde (est. 1862), and others to create a culinary legacy on which a contemporary Creole movement has been built. If you like writing about (and eating!) the best food in the world, New Orleans offers stories and tastes found nowhere else.

As recently wrote, “New Orleans is no stranger to tourism-related “best of” lists. The city is mentioned so frequently, in fact, that we could start to take it for granted. But we ought to celebrate the fact that people from elsewhere recognize what New Orleanians know so well: This is a magical place.”

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