Resident Wellness

Tulane Urology has always embraced resident wellness. Historically, we have had multiple occasions throughout the academic year where the residents would get together to celebrate their residency experience, both individually and with the faculty.

However, since March of 2020, all these interactions have been put on hold.  We are now bringing back what we consider to be an important long-term initiative to promote resident wellness and to reduce resident burnout.

Programs that have been in place:

  1. In late July or early August, we hold an annual Residents Welcome Reception, a unique after-hours cocktail event to introduce our entire faculty and staff to the new residents (and spouses). This is a well received, hospitable start to our residents’ 5-year stay with the Tulane Urology family. 
  2. The residents periodically meet amongst themselves at various outdoor social events. They also have had elective bicycling events with faculty and the residents.  The residents have also been known to physically exercise and go to the gym together. 
  3. There has been an annual Spring crawfish boil at a faculty member’s home for all residents and faculty (and significant others). Additionally, members of the research team, nursing personnel, and ancillary staff also attend this event to foster camaraderie and team spirit. 
  4. An annual dinner at the Chair’s house with the residents to honor our graduating chief residents is another get-together meant to foster team spirit and wellness.
  5. Tulane Urology also has a generous travel policy to actively encourage residents travel to meetings every year (prior to COVID-19) to present their research activities, which has been under the tutelage of our full-time faculty.  Meetings include the Southeastern Section of the AUA, the AUA, the Louisiana Urological Society, the Andrology meeting, the SMSNA meeting, etc. We also send residents to specialty-based meetings. 
  6. Our PGY-1 through PGY-4 go on an annual resident retreat outside of New Orleans. This is a unique opportunity for four levels of residents to gather and evaluate their residency training before the PGY-4 become chief residents. They generate measures that could improve their education, rotation, and learning experience. During the retreat weekend, the PGY-5 (chief residents) take call so that the retreat is uninterrupted. 

Thus, historically, we nurture a tight-knit Tulane Urology faculty/ resident setup during the academic year to ensure that there are appropriate and adequate interactions at all levels to promote resident wellness and identify “burnout”.


  • We are to continue our tradition of having multiple social gatherings during the year, both residents-only and residents with faculty, to ensure an environment that is conducive to wellness and to prevent potential burnout. The aim is also to build a robust relationship within the entire team of residents and faculty and their spouses to raise standards for academic achievement and make all the attendings accessible. 
  • The welcoming reception for our three new residents will be held on August 13th, 2021.
  • Two of our residents will be presenting live at the AUA in Las Vegas. The Department has planned for them to travel and follow all the AUA safety guidelines during this stay for safe travel and return. 
  • In October, the Department will set up a bowling night at the famous Rock’n’Bowl live music venue.
  • Our holiday appreciation event will be held on the Friday before Christmas. This annual event is open to all the residents and faculty and spouses, as well as Tulane Urology administration and leadership from other clinical departments. 
  • On Sunday, February 6th, 2022, the annual Super Bowl party will be at Dr. Thomas’s home. We always hope that the New Orleans Saints will be in that number for a truly memorable event. 
  • The spring crawfish boil will take place in Dr. Thomas’s backyard in April 2022. There is nothing that goes better with spicy crawfish than cold beer, and this is an event unique to the New Orleans area.
  • The NHL Championship hosted by Dr Hellstrom in June of 2022 and may linger through July of 2022. This will bring together the diehard NHL fans of the Tulane Urology family. 
  • Various wellness didactics are also presented. It is anticipated that we will have periodic lectures on wellness and work-life balance during the year. Additionally, talks are given on career choices and financial health, and yoga sessions are available. 
  • Lastly, the Tulane Urology Resident’s fund has been set up with a generous donation by our former residents. This fund is dedicated towards any event that would expand the residents’ horizons. It is anticipated that all alumni residents will continue to contribute to this well utilized fund.